Art Classes for Kids on Sydney's Northern Beaches

Our Team

Carly Casey – Founder & Principal

Carly was born in Sydney, Australia in the early 80’s into a household and family brimming with creativity. Her mother is renowned Australian Artist Lyn Hammond, so from a very early age Carly was surrounded by colour, paint, pastels, big brushes and even bigger canvases. Carly’s Father Ron ran the family business – which was signage manufacturing and sign-writing – so both creative and commercial visual inspiration surrounded her.

Carly’s grandmother Audrey (on her mum’s side) was also an artist and creative sewer – so even on weekends spent at their Grandparents Dural property their was no shortage of colour, fabric clippings or art making materials to tinker with.

Carly’s mum Lyn began teaching art classes at their local school, and she would often accompany her in these classes – ever the little artists apprentice in training. Lyn went on to found Lyn Hammond’s School of Art (Collaroy) in the early 90’s, which went from strength to strength and eventually transformed into the huge artists studio & gallery success Artfocus Gallery & Studio (Brookvale). Founded in 2001, Artfocus was where Carly really cut her teeth both as a professional artist and an art educator. Having finished her high school education, this was where her real Artists Apprenticeship began. Carly worked in the gallery and studio in her spare time, whilst completing her Bachelor of Design at COFA (UNSW). This is also where Carly began teaching art to children and adults, and discovered the joy of sharing her knowledge and experience with others. When Artfocus closed it’s doors in January 2013, Carly decided to continue the journey and founded Art&Co.

Along the way Carly has had much success as a portrait and figurative artist, with many local and international exhibitions, conceiving and curating a series of exhibitions called ‘Local Produce’, receiving a cultural grant, winning art prizes and also being invited to judge the Warringah Art Exhibition. Now as a mother of two young kids, her passion for teaching children has grown even stronger.

‘Creativity is one of the greatest gifts we can pass on to our children. I believe that the ability to express and communicate what is within our souls through art and the act of creating allows us to flourish and live a fulfilled life.’


Jaimee Paul

Jaimee Paul grew up on a farm in New Zealand with eight dogs, four cats, two horses and many motherless lambs. It’s little wonder she now draws all manner of animals with great love.

Although predominately animal based in her subject matter she also dabbles in portraiture and landscapes. Working in all mediums from watercolour to oils with a touch of hyper-realism, Jaimee favours a black and white colour palette.

Now based in Sydney Jaimee is currently studying Design at the College of Fine Arts, UNSW. She has participated in many successful exhibitions throughout Sydney and New Zealand since 2007, and prior to joining the Art&Co team was an art tutor at Artfocus Gallery and Studio, Brookvale. She is  also represented by The Drawing Arm as an illustrator.

‘Whats the point in going through life and not making a mark? I’m amazed at how something so beautiful can come from just a pencil and piece of paper… Creating is the best thing ever invented.’


We also often have many wonderful guest artists as teachers, some of the faces you might see at Art&Co include:

Alicia Carlill – Illustrator, designer and artist

Lyn Hammond – Professional artist and colourist, founder of Artfocus Studio & Gallery

Fiona Kate – Watercolour artist and creative

Margaret Sharman – Florist

Jamie Mitchell – Emerging artist & a previous student of Art&Co who is now studying primary teaching

Gabi PicardEmerging artist & a previous student of Art&Co

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