Art Classes for Kids on Sydney's Northern Beaches

About Us

Welcome to Art&Co!

Art&Co is a vibrant and creative studio on Sydney’s northern beaches that provides art classes for kids taught by professional artists. Our strength lies in our professional skilled approach…all of our classes are taught by professional, working artists and illustrators who have a wealth of knowledge, experience, skill and creativity.

Our Team

Our Vision

To help every child shine!

It sounds simple, but at the heart of what we do at Art&Co is the aim to provide children with a safe, fun and encouraging environment where their creativity is allowed to flourish – and they can shine! At Art&Co we believe each child is individual and so we teach individually within our classes – keeping class size small to allow for this. We also like to ignite our students curiosity by introducing lots of fun new art-making techniques that will improve their skill while giving them a sense of self-confidence when they master that technique. We feel it is crucial that to express their creativity, children need to be taught tangible art-making skills and techniques. All of our classes are taught by skilled, working artists and we really take a professional yet playful approach to teaching – so that the children can experiment and create beautiful works of art that express who they are.

Art is a wonderful way to improve children’s self esteem, visual communication skills, concentration skills, hand-eye co-ordination, ability to relax and most importantly their creative thinking and problem-solving. At Art&Co we thrive when we see these traits emerge in our students – it’s what keeps us so passionate about what we do.

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